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Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Travel Tip - Hong Kong - The Real Peak at Victoria Peak

One of the most popular sites in Hong Kong is Victoria's Peak. It's one of the tallest points in the whole of Hong Kong and offers ones of the best views of the city. The great thing about this view is that you don't have to be a mountain climber to appreciate the amazing view. There's a tram that can take you almost all the way up to the top, and although it can be crowded and it is a little pricey, it's well worth it.

The main reason it's worth it is because you'll need your energy when you get to the top. Most people stop at the lookout point/mall at the top of the tram ride. While the view from the mall is good, it's not worth paying the extra to peek down from the rooftop. There are several great views from viewing platforms all around the mall, and since you've saved a bit of energy by taking the tram, a quick hike up the road will take to much higher and to a more breath taking view of the city.

When  you get to the top of the tram, take the road just outside the mall that goes steeply uphill towards Victoria Gardens. Don't turn off at the gardens, but instead continue up. Eventually you'll hit a walking path going up, take it, and continue going up as high as you can. If you need a marker, head towards the radio towers on the top of the hill. Once you get up there you will be treated to an amazing view of the city, and you'll be able to see much more of the island as well. Make sure to bring up your own water as there's nothing at all  to buy at this viewpoint.



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From Poutine to the Mekong - The final chapter

Well it happened, I stood next to the  Mekong. We caught a few glimpses of the river on the plane, and a quick glimpse from the roof of our apartment building, but it didn't feel complete. Then Allison and I decided to take a walk down to the tourist section of town, which included a walk along the river. It was brown, and there were a few boats on it.  It felt like the closure to this adventure, but also like the beginning of a new one. 



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Friday, September 1, 2017