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Nikon Gives Me Answers

I'm looking to get a new lens and I want a nice standard zoom lens that shoots full frame. "Full frame" is pretty much a technical term for a bit bigger.  You need a camera that can shoot full frame in order to use a full frame lens to its fullest.  That's not really important though, the thing is, I didn't really know how to tell a full frame lens from a regular lens when I saw them online or at a store.  Some stores label this sort of thing, or at least someone knows, but most of the time it's up to me.

I thought that as a guy who gets paid to take pictures, I should know this kind of thing.  I'm not really a techincal guy when it comes to equipment compared to many photographers I know.  I figured the best way to figure this out was to send a letter to Nikon, and ask them.  That way my tech savvy friends wouldn't mock me for not knowing already.  Below is the responce I got:

"Please click the link below, and select: Narrow by> Lens Format> FX (full frame)

If a lens name has DX printed on it; it's a DX lens. and if it doesn't say FX or DX it's a FX lens.

The camera body is the contrary: If a camera body has the FX icon printed on it; it's a FX camera and if it doesn't say FX or DX it's a DX camera.


Nikon Tech Support"

I no longer feel like an idiot for not knowing.  While the answer is helpful, and I know what to look for, I don't think they could have made it more convoluted.



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New Sri Lankan Bathrooms

Just got back from an amazing trip to Sri Lanka, and that means I've added a few bathrooms to the "Bathroom's We've Been To" map.
Sri Lanka had a pretty wide range when it comes to bathrooms, some were fantastic, others... well not so much.
Click here to see all of the bathrooms I visited in Sri Lanka.



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