Thursday, April 30, 2015

Updated The Bathroom Map

I just finished updating the Bathrooms We've Been To map to include several of the bathrooms we visited on our recent European trip.
One of the things that crossed my mind on this trip was the idea of paying to use a bathroom.  It makes sense if you're in a public place, however I don't really understand why you have to pay to use a bathroom in a private business.  Don't you think if you have customers visiting your restaurant, the bathrooms should be free?
I also notice that whenever I pay for a bathroom, I judge it.  I always ask Allison after using a bathroom that we just paid for, if it was worth the amount asked.  Most of the time it isn't.  In fact, most of the time the person taking the money seems to do nothing other than take the money.  It's not that I expect to have a bathroom attendant just because I paid.  In fact I generally dislike bathroom attendants.  I just expect the bathroom to not only be clean, but also be working 100%.

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